Expired Listings

Your house didn’t sell? There are many factors that influence the saleability of your home, some you can control and some you can not. The three most important things you can control to increase the chances of selling your home are to first choose the right agent, second, make an educated decision on pricing your home and finally, make sure your home is presentable for selling.

Please take a few moments to review the results driven plan we set in place for our sellers. We would love to meet with you to discuss possible reasons why your home has not sold, present to you our Maximum Exposure Luxury Marketing Plan and help you get your house SOLD so that you can move on.

Things to Consider when Selecting an Agent

Not all real estate agents are the same

  • The real estate market is highly competitive
  • 10 percent of real estate agents account for 90 percent of houses sold
  • A proactive marketing approach can overcome the competition
  • You need an expert to achieve the best possible outcome
  • The Luxury real estate market niche requires an experienced and highly specialized broker


Promises of high prices are not always in your best interest

  • Overpricing to get the listing is an old-school real estate scheme
  • You deserve a written, well-researched market analysis
  • Accurate pricing depends upon a true reflection of current market conditions
  • Price reductions 30 days later will negatively impact your market position


The success rate for a private party sale is traditionally low

  • Only 7% of qualified buyers come from yard signs
  • Only 5% of qualified buyers come from newspaper ads
  • Professional agents generate the most qualified buyers
  • Nearly 70% of all FSBO’s eventually contact a real estate agent


Can discount brokers really get the job done?

  • There are generally more homes on the market than buyers
  • Proactive marketing is an expensive undertaking
  • Marketing & advertising are discretionary costs eliminated for a lesser commission


An approach that gets results

  • The Maximum Exposure Luxury Marketing Program brings fresh ideas to the market
  • A specialized approach to your individual needs
  • Negotiating strategy that is proactive rather than reactive
  • Building a business one satisfied customer at a time
  • Integrity that transcends personal and business life


Establishing the Proper Price

For an up to the minute report on homes that have sold in your neighborhood, sign up for our free Market Snapshot.

Statements from sellers that really have nothing to do with a home’s value

  • Another agent said it was worth more
  • People always offer less than asking price
  • The buyers can always make an offer


Other factors that do not affect a home’s value

  • The original purchase price
  • Over improvement (enjoyment)
  • The cost to rebuild in the current market
  • Personal attachment to the property
  • The owners need for equity


Dangers of overpricing your home

  • Discourages qualified buyers
  • Better positions competitive homes
  • Reduces advertising response
  • Impacts appraisal valuations
  • Creates doubt & uncertainty
  • Attracts owner financing & bargain hunters
  • Results in your home becoming stale on the market


A proactive pricing strategy

  • Overall objective is to sell your home
  • The market is the common adversary (Supply & Demand)
  • Past sales are not always indicative of current performance
  • Proper pricing should yield one offer for every 10 showings*
  • We must integrate pricing with a balanced marketing plan
  • Factors affecting the sale: Location, Condition, Price, Terms, Realtor


Some thoughts on the condition that affect price

  • Think like a buyer
  • Start making a list
  • Complete repairs before putting your home on the market

* Based on statistics from the NAR

Staging Your Home for Sale

We have prepared a complete guide to sell your home faster and for more money. It includes proven suggestions that will result in enhanced showings and buyer acceptance. Below is a list of items you should concentrate on:


  • Attention to small details provides an aura of confidence
  • Treat buyers as you would yourself



  • Focus on windows, carpeting & rugs
  • Polish & clean stone, tile & wooden floors
  • Pay special attention to bathrooms & kitchens



  • Be cautious in selecting paint & carpeting
  • Strive to satisfy the largest possible buying segment


Space Management

  • Arrange furniture to achieve a spacious feeling
  • Pack up collectibles; personalize rooms sparingly
  • Use light to create a sense of space
  • Concentrate on organizing closets



  • Be aware of odors from cooking, cigarettes, pets, etc.
  • Change carpeting where necessary
  • Remove rather than mask potential problems



  • Review magazine ads and furniture showrooms for ideas
  • Fresh flowers, birch logs by the fireplace add warmth
  • Take advantage of natural light where possible
  • Ask your Realtor for a professional staging recommendation