For Sale By Owner

Are you in the process of trying to sell your home on your own? In the current real estate climate it is hard enough for professionals to sell houses, let alone someone with little to no experience. Whether you are already trying to sell your home or you are considering marketing your property yourself, there are a few things you should consider.

Have you priced your property correctly?

Market Snapshot

Whether you are in the earliest stages of putting your home on the market or have already listed your property, perhaps the best tool at your disposal is the Market Snapshot. In just a few moments you can have a customized, up to the minute report of the homes that have sold in your neighborhood. Understanding the market in your area is crucial to pricing your home correctly. As individuals, we all think our home is worth more because it means something special to us. When selling a house the numbers are what matter the most. (Insert Market Snapshot widget or link).

What are the benefits to listing with a broker?

As someone who is selling their home on their own, you have only one half of the real estate equation. You have the product, but no buyers. This is where a professional real estate broker has the advantage. With access to all properties on the MLS, as well as a pool of qualified buyers and contacts, an experienced broker has all that is necessary to SELL houses.

At Luxury Long Island, we have a highly experienced team of full time real estate professionals; from administrative support to schedule and coordinate showings, brokers with the knowledge and resources necessary to complete transactions and a cutting edge marketing department to get our listings SOLD.

Are you getting enough exposure?

Maximum Exposure Marketing

Our approach to selling real estate is to provide our clients with products and services that give them a competitive advantage in the market. We have developed our Maximum Exposure Luxury Home Marketing Program as a new way to sell homes. It combines the very best in new technology, innovative marketing and uncompromising service that yields results that can be measured.

We start by listening to your special wants, needs and goals. Only with this intimate understanding can we design a unique plan to sell your home.

Are you willing to compensate buyer’s agents?

Many real estate agents are hesitant to show FSBO properties to their clients out of fear that they will not be compensated for their work. Do you have a plan in place that will compensate brokers who bring qualified buyers to your property?

Other things to consider:

The success rate for a private party sale is traditionally low

  • Only 7% of qualified buyers come from yard signs
  • Only 5% of qualified buyers come from newspaper ads
  • Professional agents generate the most qualified buyers
  • Nearly 70% of all FSBO’s eventually contact a real estate agent


Can discount brokers really get the job done?

  • There are generally more homes on the market than buyers
  • Proactive marketing is an expensive undertaking
  • Marketing & advertising are discretionary costs eliminated for a lesser commission


An approach that gets results

  • The Maximum Exposure Luxury Marketing Program brings fresh ideas to the market
  • A specialized approach to your individual needs
  • Negotiating strategy that is proactive rather than reactive
  • Building a business one satisfied customer at a time
  • Integrity that transcends personal and business life