Luxury Market Reports

How's the Market?

Our report answers this question for the luxury market in your neighborhood.  It is a snapshot presenting a bundle of data from local markets in your area that give a simplified view and try to get at the question of what's happening in the marketplace.

The Luxury Market Report is focused exclusively on THE TOP OF THE MARKET in your area. We know that in a given place, at a given time, different price segments perform differently. Most major indices lump all market segments together to get at some sense of overall market trends - we don't. In fact, we look at just the top of the market, so that you can see more clearly what is really happening in luxury markets in your neighborhood and the overall luxury trend. Our Luxury Market Report is the only real-time local index and is updated WEEKLY. Subscribe to the reports and find out what’s going on right now. It’s free!

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Market Mapper

MarketMapper combines the power of our Luxury Market Report Statistics and Google Maps .Each map pin represents a different town. Click on the pin of your choice and you will see a chart of the recent price trends along with a simple registration form. Submit your name and email to receive a full report for free! 

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