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About Muttontown

Incorporated in 1931, the Village of Muttontown encompasses 6.1 square miles of rolling hills and private estates within the town of North Hempstead. Muttontown is most well known for its acres of nature preserves and spectacular mansions.

Muttontown History

In the 1600’s English and Dutch farmers used the land of Muttontown to raise thousands of sheep for wool and meat.  This is what gave the village its distinctive moniker.  As time has past, many of the massive estates have been broken into smaller residential neighborhoods.  Residents both past and present have been able to preserve several large estates in the Village including Chelsea Mansion, The Hoffman Center and Planting Fields Arboretum.
Local Area Information
Planting Fields Arboretum is Long Island’s premiere arboretum with 409 acres of manicured grounds and nature trails. Planting Fields is also home to Coe Hall, the 65 room estate of William Robertson Coe, an insurance adjuster and entrepreneur.  The estate now serves as a museum and a venue for Gold Coast weddings.  The grounds of Planting Fields were landscaped by the Olmsted Brothers of Brookline Massachusetts.
Located on the 550 acre Muttontown Preserve, Chelsea Mansion is the former estate of Alexandra and Benjamin Moore.  It has since been restored and converted into a magical location for weddings and corporate events.